Monday, September 22, 2008

Sci-fi, a promotional genre of choice.

I promote science fictional writing for three reasons, it is entertaining, it is sometimes scary, and it is not real. First, sci-fi writing is extremely entertaining. Because the writing is not real, adventure stories can be made out of crazy ideas, such as going into the future. Secondly, science fiction writing can sometimes be scary. Once again, because the stories are made up, scary plots can be designed to frighten the reader in many ways, possibly even creating a monster to scare even adults. Lastly, sci-fi writing is not real. A reader might already know this because half of the title is fiction, but sometimes while reading, one might forget this and have to say to themselves, "this is not real!" for they might be a little scared. In conclusion, sci-fi writing gets a check under promotional from me for three reasons, it is entertaining, scary at times, and it is always made up in the imagination.

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