Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letter to the Next President

Conor Lawrence
P.O. Box 145
Mt. Pleasant, AR 72561
October 3, 2008

Senator John McCain
McCain-Palin Southwest Regional Headquarters
5353 N. 16th StreetSuite 120Phoenix, AZ 85016

Dear Senator John McCain:

I have three pet peeves about the next President of the United States. I shall start by asking you if you are planning on having a well structured education program. My view of a well structured education program would have the staff at schools more interested in their jobs by increasing the amount of their gross income. . The last two ideas in the series will make teachers hate school, but, over time, I know they will appreciate the idea of disciplined teaching. Another topic irritating me on presidency is the economy. Will you raise or lower taxes? Depending on your interests, are you going to raise the tax prices and make the cities a cleaner, organized, and prettier place, or are you going to lower the price of taxes and make life easy going for the common man? Personally, I would prefer the lower of tax prices because I live on a farm in a small town and the town does not need any of the topics I listed and there are places of such a status all over the United States. Lastly, what are you going to do about Iraq? Are you going to let the war continue and let America suffer by possibly having terrorists come and try to destroy our nation, or, on the contrary, are you going to make peace in the Middle East and save the families of the soldiers from their worrying and send the people who are fighting for all who lives in the United States’ freedom? For me to support you, get the soldiers out! There, simple and easy to remember. I know you have the best choice for president and if you can do these three issues, you will make the greatest presidential choice for America.


Conor Lawrence

cc. Tammy Gillmore

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