Monday, December 8, 2008


Mark Antony, a perfect example for a true friend, is the only leader I can see in the book Julius Caesar. In his magnificent speech, found in Act 3, Scene 2, he displays a true leader when he persuades a huge crowd to turn against Brutus and all of the conspirators just after they heard Brutus's speech and were for him. Hearing Antony's speech, the crowd quickly opened their eyes and saw they needed Caesar for a leader and not Brutus. The crowd could not have noticed such an event if Mark Antony was not such a wonderful leader.

This sort of leadership applies in all sorts of situations today. Ways to change a crowd's mind can vary from selling a product to voting for a president. Salespeople are always showing how their product is better than the other person they are competing against just like how Antony proves how Caesar was better than Brutus. Chosing a president is also in the same boat. One candidate tries to slam the other in many different ways, while the other is doing the same technique. These are just a few of many examples of how leadership Antony shows can be compared to in todays society.

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