Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taking a Stand

I have taken a stand for many different ideas and for many different reasons. On one occasion, I was in the fourth grade at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School when Dustin, a mentally slow, new student, walked through the classroom door. Immediately, I noticed he had something wrong with him. Later on, during the day, some of my friends were making fun of the way Dustin looked and the way he talked. I stayed calm for as long as I could. Unable to bottle the anger any more, I blew up on my two best friends and stood up for Dustin. Shortly after the fight, Dustin found out what I had done and we made great friends. A few days later, the two I yelled at said they were sorry to Dustin and the four of us became very close friends. In the end, I was able to stand up for someone I hardly knew, made friends with him, and kept the friends I stood up against for making fun of the new kid.

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