Monday, February 16, 2009


The story of David Beckham's life is a wonderful tale. He is a great person, outstanding soccer player, and the perfect role model.

Being a great person can not completely describe David Beckham. He does remarkable jobs for anyone who needs help or for his fans. All the time he signs autographs and helps people out just to make himself feel good. He also does activities on his own, such as hanging with his friends and being a family man.

In today's society, no one can make the face of soccer better than Beckham. At an early age, he began practicing this sport and had the dream of being a professional. Shortly after, he became and all-star and played for the team he and his father wanted him to, Manchester United.

One of my role models is none other than David. He is a professional athlete, makes millions, and gets the girls. A guy of such a stature always has followers. He does not do illegal drugs and he is a wonderful father married to a beautiful woman. He is one of the ultimate role models in today's society.

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