Friday, February 13, 2009

Call of the Wild review

The Call of the Wild was a wonderful read. The story was fun, adventurous, and full of lessons to be learned.

To begin, the novel was a fun read. The story flowed really well and made complete sense, unlike Antigone. Also , the main character is a dog, which is my favorite animal. Most novels I read are very boring and I really do not like to read, but The Call of the Wild is one book I could read over and over again.

The story also brought me out of my house and into the wild. I like stories such as this which make adventures all over the country, or in this case, all over the wild. Something adventurous is always happening in this book and this also contributes to it being a fun read.

Lastly, lessons are to be learned all throughout this book. One lesson in particular is to never attack a man with a club. But seriously, a great lesson is to never let the past hold you back and to hold your head up high for the future. This is what I saw Buck do throughout the book.

In summary, the call of the wild was a spectacular read. I enjoyed every second spent reading such a wonderful classic. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, whether they like to read or not.

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