Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Perfect My World...

In a personal opinion, the word is not a perfect place. Three ideas of which could better perfect the world are as follows: cures, freedom, and free products.

First, cures for every sort of disease would help most of the world. Everyone would get along better and be happier without diseases. Cancer, a world-wide killer, would no longer exist. HIV would no longer be a problem. Society would be able to function better as well as the economy. With less patients, hospitals would not have to use as much money and people would no longer have to pay to be treated. Human life would eventually prosper.

Secondly, freedom would be a huge role in the bettering of society. Illegal aliens would no longer exist and families could get back together and less chaos would happen. Times around the world would be more harmonious and life would excel.

Lastly, free products would be something to throw in and make living incredible! Going to a store and taking anything one might want would be an incredible advantage. Poor people would no longer be poor and rich people would no longer look as rich. People in general would all live as equals and have outstanding lives.

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writer_2011 said...

By giving out free products, how would one making a living? Are you saying there would be no need for money at all? Those who create products would have to be kind enough to give and not expect anything in return.