Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Giver

The Giver was an alright book. After finishing a book about someone I really like to watch and study, this book did not seem very good. I do not like reading about perfect societies in which strict rules are made and people seem to be confined. Reading about topics such as this disturb me because they make me think about what life would be like for me if I were in their shoes, which would not be good.

Lois Lowry has great writing skills and can create a perfect vision in my mind of what is going on, but I still do not like the topics she writes about. I like the idea of how she made Jonas different from everyone else and how she made him escape with Gabe from his crazy society. I like the ending in the book, though, being that she left it open for the reader to imagine what happens.


Currently, I have been watching one of the veteran's of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Chuck Liddell is the greatest the sport has ever seen. Many people do not respect Chuck because he is old and kind of flabby, but he still has the knock-out punch he had the day he started in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Liddell came from a very poor family on the streets of California. At an early age, he was taught to fight by his grandfather. He knew not who his father was, therefore his grandfather was pretty much his only dad.

When Chuck got into college, he wrestled and played football. He bounced at clubs, bar tended, and did some kickboxing during this time. When his friend told him about joining the UFC, he was all for it. When Chuck was kickboxing, he was making around $500 a fight, now he makes over $250,000 for a fight. Not bad for a guy with a degree in accounting, huh?

The famous life treated Chuck very kindly. He received a hummer for fighting in one fight, a lamborghini from the UFC owner just because he liked him, and tons of attention from fans all around the world.

So much depends..

So much depends upon a small brown bible worn from years of use on top of the wooden church pew...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Animal Farm Review

Animal Farm was a relatively easy read. The book was short and words were used that are easy to understand, which makes a huge impact on my opinion of a book. If a book has a lot of words that I do not know what mean, I am not going to read it for long.

The book was also extremely hard for me to follow. Matching faces and voices to characters is the only problem I had on understanding the book. Also, I do not like books with animals as the main characters, such as this. I also did not like the concept of being based on real life events in which an animal represents a human in history. I simply could not follow.

Lastly, I did not like the plot of the story. I know it was based on actual events, but I would rather read a biography about WWII than I had about animals doing the war instead. I do not like to think of animals taking over a farm or the sight of one playing cards with a human. For some reason, such scenes send chills down my spine.

Techie Tools

My favorite techie tool to use on the computer would have to be blogger. Not only does this tool allow me to express my thoughts and opinions on certain events, but also allows me to view other people's thoughts, opinions, or other writings. Blogger allows me to express my life through words and show the world what I think. One of the best features is that people do not have to see who is behind the writing, like a mask. So far in my technological life, Blogger.com is the greatest techie tool I have uncovered.

Spring Break '09

This year's spring break was more exciting than any previous year's. For the most part, I played basketball. I practiced a bunch of hours over the break and worked out more than I have ever done in my whole life it seems. The greatest part of spring break was my trip to Cancun, Mexico, though. My mom, dad, brother, and I went there the last part of the break and had a wonderful time together. We stayed outside for the most part there and went to the ocean. Life was different there, but I loved it. Spring break this year was a wonderful time in my life.