Thursday, April 16, 2009

Animal Farm Review

Animal Farm was a relatively easy read. The book was short and words were used that are easy to understand, which makes a huge impact on my opinion of a book. If a book has a lot of words that I do not know what mean, I am not going to read it for long.

The book was also extremely hard for me to follow. Matching faces and voices to characters is the only problem I had on understanding the book. Also, I do not like books with animals as the main characters, such as this. I also did not like the concept of being based on real life events in which an animal represents a human in history. I simply could not follow.

Lastly, I did not like the plot of the story. I know it was based on actual events, but I would rather read a biography about WWII than I had about animals doing the war instead. I do not like to think of animals taking over a farm or the sight of one playing cards with a human. For some reason, such scenes send chills down my spine.

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