Thursday, April 1, 2010

Classroom Computers

Computers in a classroom may be the greatest advancement in learning technology for schools. From my perspective, an average student, they are the worst thing that can be used for educational purposes. They are distracting, difficult, and hard to learn from.

First, computers are distracting. From personal experience, I do not always use the computer as directed and go off and play games while I am supposed to be doing something else. This in turn causes me to get a bad grade on the assignment I was supposed to be doing. Also, the screen is just distracting to my eyes and cause them to hurt after long uses of the computer. I know more kids have this problem as well. With computers, there is just no interpersonal communication involved either. Since no communication will be made, people will not understand the communication process anymore.

Secondly, computers are difficult. At times they can be slow or just suddenly lose internet connection, stressing everyone out who is using a computer. Also, the computers are hard to use because there is so much that can be done with one and us students know so little about them and the teachers assign us to do stuff on them and we do not know what we are doing, making everything so much more difficult than a pencil, some paper, and a book. But one positive thing of computers is that someone can be a sender and send homework online or be a receiver and receive e-mails from their teachers about stuff they need to work on.

Lastly, computers are hard to learn from. I can not learn anything about anything from Google or any other stupid website. I learn so much better and easier by the old-fashioned paper. I think it's because the paper is not lit up and hurting my eyes or distracting me by having the ability to play games or look at pictures or listen to music. Education levels will drop because of these reasons and many more due to computer use. Kids will stray away from the thought of school use and instead use them for personal reasons. Computers are like working around noise; it's hard to do it.

In conclusion, computers have the ability to be used for education, but students are not using them for such a reason. I am against the use of computers because they are distracting, difficult, and hard to learn from.

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