Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Acceptance Speech

Hello, my name is Conor Lawrence. And I would first off like to thank God for giving me the honor of having this award bestowed upon me. I don't know why Mr. Hefner has chosen me as the one to inherit his mansion and the company name. Quite frankly, I don't care either. I am just so glad to now be the runner of Playboy. I am made for this job. I am good with business, good with women, and good with money.

First, although sometimes I want to have fun being all rich and famous, I will still keep the business side of me. I take any kind of work serious. From my point of view, it's business first and fun second. I can give great new ideas out and it will seem like Hef hasn't even left. I will not let this business go under during these depressing times. People will still want to buy my Playboy magazines.

Second, I am good with women. I can pick only the most beautiful women in the world to go in my magazines. I will keep them with me everywhere I go to show I can keep up with Hef in every way. My bunnies will be twice as pretty as his, along with his that he already has. I can show them a fun time and they can live out the dream of being a Playboy bunny.

Last, I am good with money. I will not take all the company's money and blow it on stuff for me. I will put nearly all of it into the business and stock. Sure I am going to buy me a few things, but not anything huge. I have always been good at keeping my money up and not wasting much of it.

Now rapping this speech up. I would once again love to thank God for making me the person I am. You all will not be upset with me now in charge of the business. I will be good with the business, the girls, and the money. Thank you all for listening.

Monday, May 3, 2010

West Side Story

The white people and the Peurto Ricans are having a big dispute. They fight for turf. Both gangs fight under the highway and the leaders of both gangs end up getting killed. Tony is wanting to leave the city with Maria (Barnado's sister). At the end Tony died and everyone somehow worked out their problems through the final death. Maria made everyone think and decide that fighting was to much and they should stop.