Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Semester Test

When I first saw commercials for High School Musical, I knew I would never watch it because of how gay it looked. After the first 20 minutes of it though, I couldn't stop watching it. It is seriously more than just a musical; its a movie. A wonderful movie. I will talk about the plot of the movie, compare it to other musicals, and tell what I like about it.

Two normal teens meet on a cruise while being picked to sing at a party. Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens)immediately become attracted to each other. After the break, Troy returns to school as the basketball team captain/hero of the school person he is. What he doesn't know is that Gabriella has been switched to his school. They meet in detention that is held by the school's drama teacher, Ms. Darbus. Troy has a championship game coming up and is losing focus of basketball over this girl. The science club is also having a tournament they want to win and need Gabriella to join because she is a "genius". So the ball team and science team unite to split these two love birds apart so both will benefit. What they don't know is they have ruined these two peoples lives while also possibly jeopardizing both chances of winning. So they join back to fix things and all in the mean time, Troy and Gabriella were wanting to act in Ms. Darbus's upcoming play. So 3 major events end up happening in one night: the championship game, the science tournament, and the play callbacks. In the end, Troy and Gabriella end up singing in front of nearly the whole school (after Gabriella won her tournament and Troy's game got temporarily postponed). The song was beautiful, Troy went back and won the game, and everything was perfect.

This muscial is the same as most other musicals in the fact that people stop everything whether it is in the middle of a fight or the middle of lunch to start singing and having a great time together. It's like everyone are all friends even if in the movie they are not. It is different because it is more upbeat and has better songs and is more for kids of the newer generation.

I like pretty much everything about the movie. I thought the people played their characters very well. The singing was good and made people want to dance and sing along as well. I even pictured myself being in a High School Musical, and I thought I would never say that.

In conclusion, High School Musical has a great plot for people of all ages and has wonderful songs, it is still a musical, but it can be said it is better than other musicals, and pretty much everything about the movie is great. I really enjoyed it.